Valencia Challenge

Ballers Heaven is proud to be invited to the Basketball Valencia Challenge tournament in April 2019.

As many as 20 teams will be in the Under-17 boys bracket. The team has been training hard and Coach Payne said: “It’s an amazing opportunity for the guys to see what level they’re at, and how they compare to some of the best young players in Europe. They will learn about a different style of play is in Spain, but it also gives me a chance to look at guys for our new Under-18 national league team starting in the new season.”  

Coach Payne is set to take over Coventry basketball. His experience and worldwide contacts puts this programme ahead of the rest as many young talented players will have many doors open to them. They will travel the globe learning the game and honing their skills against the best, as well as learning from top coaches in Europe and the United States, meeting and learning from NBA stars on their journey.