Andrews Osborne and Ballers Heaven are proud partners that host the International Sports Academy (ISA).

Founded in 2018 by Bob Bossman, the ISA provides opportunities for young talented men and women to take their game to the next level.

Giving them an amazing education and a great basketball programme that will open pathways to their dreams, Coach Payne and Coach Bossman have developed a programme that will see 20 talented men and women from the UK go to Cleveland, Ohio, with Ballers Heaven in December 2019. is run by Pierre Henry-Fontaine. It is the only Sports and Life Performance company who tackles all areas of performance including; physical fitness, nutrition, educational, mental wellbeing and leadership. We thrive in bringing out the best in people and our knowledge of elite performance is not limited to sports.

Soar Sports was established in September 2018. The Founder and Director of the basketball operation, Mansour Mbye, who promoted and marketed his talents which lead to him receiving a scholarship in America. He later went on to play professional basketball for a few teams in Europe. He has the vision to help players globally elevate their lives through sports.

Coventry Tornadoes is the city’s biggest basketball club.

Offering training and performance from ages Under-11 through to adult, the team specialises in introducing players to the game and developing them to play at local, regional and national levels. Owner Paul Adams has cultivated a family atmosphere that encourages the growth of players in a trusting environment, and the team boasts a great number of talented coaches that specialise in different areas to bring out the best in players.