Looking back on the 2021 tour

Head coach Roger Payne recalls a successful trip to Utah

Ballers Heaven had an amazing week touring Utah to close out 2021, which saw them play against Layton Christian Academy.

The Ballers Heaven squad narrowly lost by 12 and gave a great account of themselves, also losing to RSL Academy, which is ranked 24 in the entire USA by 20.

The average age of Ballers Heaven players was just 15, so playing against a post-grad program showed great maturity and development.

The team was also invited to watch and learn from number 12-ranked BYU College powerhouse.

Head coach Roger Payne said: “What an honour and privilege to be able to learn from coach Mark Pope and his staff as we were able to witness some amazing coaching and some of tomorrow’s future star be pushed through their paces.”

Timmy Olubisi shows off championship ring

Ballers Heaven reconnected with champion alumnus on tour of Utah

During a tour of Utah, Ballers Heaven met with alumnus Timmy Olubisi, who showed off the championship ring he won with Layton Christian Academy last season.

Timmy and his brother Tommy played for LCA when the team won the State 2A Boys Championship, and he met with Roger and Bryce Payne from the programme that helped him reach the United States.

He inspired the next generation of Ballers Heaven athletes, who were present taking part in training and games around Utah.

From the Caribbean to the USA

Ian Dangleben York will join Layton Christian Academy

Meet Ian Dangleben York, a two-way guard that takes pride in playing defence and can heat it up from behind the three-point line with regularity. He will be joining Layton Christian Academy this year.

Ian is a product of Ballers Heaven partners in Sint Maarten in the Caribbean. He is an electric player that is blessed with amazing balance and speed.

Ballers Heaven owner and Coach Roger Payne said: “Omar Beauperthuy, who is a partner and former player with Ballers Heaven, has done an amazing job setting up the Academy in Sint Maarten and is developing some hungry talented young players.”

Ian is sure to be a great asset to coach Bobby Porter as he is set to arrive at LCA the 15th August 2021.

Caiyesha Bailey follows sibling’s success

Caiyesha Bailey will follow her brother’s lead to play in the USA

6’2 Power Forward Caiyesha Bailey from Aston Manor is set to follow in the footsteps of her brother Kemari Bailey, who gained a full ride scholarship to Idaho NCAA Division 1 college.

Ballers Heaven made another lifetime dream come true for Caiyesha, who is set to leave for the United States of America in August 2021.

Over the last few months Caiyesha has worked diligently with Coach Zavier and Coach Payne of Ballers Heaven as they prepare her for the opportunity.

Caiyesha said: “I still can’t believe I’m off to the States. I can’t thank you enough for making this happen for me and given myself the opportunity to follow in my brother Kemari’s footsteps.”

Meet combo guard Grace Edogiawerie

Congratulations to our female standout guard as she embarks on her amazing journey from Spain to the United States

Congratulations to our female standout guard as she embarks on her amazing journey from Spain to the United States.

Ballers Heaven female phenom Grace Edogiawerie is set to take her talents to the States. It’s well deserved and couldn’t happen to a more humble person.

We at Ballers Heaven are super proud of you as you embark on this amazing new chapter of your life. Stay on your grind, give it your all and you could be the next female star.

Layton Christian here she comes. Grace will be leaving on 14 August 2021 and will be sorely missed.

Ballers Heaven shooting guard set for USA scholarship

“Work in silence and let success be your noise” is a phrase you will hear from Ballers Heaven coach Roger Payne, and it rings true when it comes to Kurtis Dearn

“Work in silence and let success be your noise” is a phrase you will hear from Ballers Heaven coach Roger Payne, and it rings true when it comes to Kurtis Dearn.

Kurtis is a dynamic scorer and has unlimited range that will no doubt hold him a good stead as he embarks on a scholarship in Utah. 

Shooting guard Kurtis will leave for the USA on 14 August 2021 where, he will be coached  by the experienced watchful eye of coach Mark Burton.

Kurtis will be a post-grad in Utah. He is a great young athletic player that can hit from range consistently.

We at Ballers Heaven expect great things from Kurtis and wish him every success.

Dreams come true for GB standout Tyrese Lacey

Ballers Heaven has made Tyrese Lacey’s dreams come true, as the British standout guard heads to the United States of America.

Birmingham Elite point guard Tyrese is set to embark on this new amazing chapter of his young career as he will be leaving next month to the great state of Utah to play for state champions Layton Christian and charismatic coach Bobby Porter.

Congratulations Ty. Stay blessed and continue the hard work.

Macedonian sharp shooter Mirche Rabrovaliev set to leave for the States

Ballers Heaven has opened another door for a young prospect: a dynamic multi-faceted combo-guard from Macedonia, Mirche Rabrovaliev.

Over the last year Mirche has been put through the fire with Coach Roger and Bryce Payne.

As a young talented player, Mirche honed his skills in Macedonia and moved to the UK only a few years ago. His ability to go off the dribble left or right and aggressive style of play will hold him in great stead, but what really sets him apart is his ability to score the ball with ease and he plays defense with a solid European hard-nosed grit.

Ballers Heaven wishes him all the best as he leaves to pursue his dreams for Coach Martin in Utah.

Ballers Heaven duo come good

It has been a hard year, but is some great news out of Utah from the Ballers Heaven brothers Timmy and Tommy Olubisi.

Less than eight months ago, the brothers were not sure of their futures in the United States but at the 11th hour the US government decided to grant them their visas so they could chase their basketball dreams. 

The Olubisis have worked extremely hard on and off the court. They are straight-A students at LCA in Utah under the watchful eye of Coach Porter. This season has seen them fight through health issues as many of the squad went down with Covid-19 and Tommy has done amazingly well to come back from a serious injury.

Ballers Heaven is extremely proud to have players in the United States but both of them have been pivotal players and they became State Champions on Wednesday 24 February, 2021.

On a team that is very deep it is great to see young British players not just making up the numbers but to be in the starting line-up is an amazing feat.

This is a prime example of staying focused and continuing to push yourself. Stay humble and work hard and amazing things can happen.

Olubisi brothers set for stardom in Utah

Two players from the Ballers Heaven junior programme are set to realise their dreams by taking Scholarships in Utah.

Tommie Olubisi and younger brother Timi will be plying their trade at Layton Christian in Utah, that is renowned for being a hot bed for Basketball. This one, two punch has an added flavour and a personal touch to it, as the Olubisi brothers are set to play at the same high school programme.

Ballers Heaven has helped a number of talented players from Europe apply their trade stateside with some gaining NCAA Div 1 Scholarships.

The brothers have been coached by Ballers Heaven for the last few years and their abilities have been showcased to schools in the USA and Canada.

Coach Roger Payne said: “We’re extremely proud of the Olubisi brothers. They have worked extremely hard over the last year and many of our affiliates in the States were interested in them both. But having the chance to play together doesn’t come along very often, especially for an extremely passionate and knowledgeable coach in Bobby Porter in Layton.

“We wish Tommie and Timi all the best as they embark on this new chapter of their lives.”  

Over the next year, Ballers Heaven will be showcasing British talent infront of affiliates in Spain and America in the hope that many more will follow in their footsteps, as this programme is set to go from strength to strength.