Ballers Heaven x Phil Handy collab

Ballers Heaven had an amazing summer in 2023.

Travelling to LA to work with Lakers Assistant Coach Phil Handy was amazing as he put a select few through their paces at the world-renowned Sports Academy that was once associated with Kobe Bryant and his junior basketball program.

Coach Handy is a three-time NBA champion assistant coach, with an excellent knowledge of the game at every stage.

His insight into skill development means a number of today’s NBA stars regularly work with him, and Ballers Heaven coaches are now among those.

This groundbreaking partnership with the Sports Academy showcases the exponential progress of Ballers Heaven, which uses innovative training methods and commitment to nurturing young talents. The opportunity for Ballers Heaven to work hand-in-hand with Phil Handy helped a select few take the next steps in their development.

Handy has played a pivotal role in the success of the Los Angeles Lakers, contributing to their championship-winning seasons, as well as the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors in championship winning seasons. His involvement with Ballers Heaven will pave the way for aspiring basketball players to benefit from his mentorship and guidance. 

Technology will play a central role in enhancing the training programs at Ballers Heaven, with Coach Handy’s online program analyzing data, including performance statistics and player feedback. This cutting-edge approach will revolutionize the training experience at Ballers Heaven, fostering individual growth and empowering players to reach their fullest potential. 

Coach Roger Payne said: “We are excited to bring together Ballers Heaven and Coach Phil Handy in this groundbreaking collaboration, and we hope young basketball players and staff alike will travel at least once per year to get more first-hand knowledge.” 

The week-long camp gave the youth players skill development to perform at a higher level but they also gained knowledge watching NBA stars train up close and personal, thanks to being invited to the respected Rico Hines NBA run at UCLA. Truly an experience the players will never forget.