Tommy earns top scholarship

Many success stories of young Brits abroad tend to come from England or Great Britain development roots where you expect many to be given full scholarships abroad. But this isn’t such a story.

Never played for his region. Never given the opportunity to play for England. Tommy Olubisi has made his dream a reality when others passed him over. 

Ballers Heaven believes that hard work beats talent every time talent isn’t willing to work hard. 

Just two years ago Tommy was given no or little chance of gaining a full ride scholarship. In his first year of being in the States he won a State Championship. 

In his second year, Ballers Heaven worked with other partners in the state to find him a new home at Real Salt Lake Utah, where they began to push him harder than ever before. 

Tommy embraced the challenge and was given the opportunity in 2022 when he was given a part scholarship to UCC Oregon.

Not wanting to settle for a part scholarship he began the arduous journey of revisting the steps that he once followed back in the UK at Ballers Heaven when Coach Payne would have him up at the crack of dawn. Tommy realised that if he was to gain respect he’d have to be the first one in the gym and the very last out every day.

His desire and work ethic was now catching the eye of the athletic director and with his amazing speed was asked to train with the athletics team in order to keep up his base speed and become more explosive on the court. 

Little did anyone know Tommy would not only train with the athletic sprint team but he would smash the school record and beat the best in the region and state.

Through his never-quit, Tommy has not only secured himself a basketball scholarship but a full ride athletic scholarship. 

This kind of thing rarely happens at any level yet alone in the States.

This teaches us all a lesson that if you want something bad enough it can be obtained with a little grit and determination.