Ballers Heaven prepare against international competition

Insightful, thought provoking, rewarding, and mouthwatering are just some analysis that come to mind when you look at rebuilding for a new season, but that’s exactly what Ballers Heaven are looking to provide. 


Ensuring players have a deeper understanding of the game is something staff have tried to instil in players, arming them with the knowledge and awareness they need to grow not only on the court but also away from the court.

Thought provoking: 

Challenging or causing someone to think, especially about things they have not thought about before. Fpr example, many youth programs kids fall into the trap of score first, but at Ballers Heaven we focus on defence first and team play. Taking a charge. Making that assist. Doing the blue collar work. Players are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone for the betterment of their team. As Coach Payne says everyone wants to be like Mike, but Mike also played defence.


After a hard season rebuilding there is no better feeling than having your peers see your efforts and reward you by playing the right way asking if you’d be happy to play an international program to prepare their youth team for the Four Nations tournament.

Ballers Heaven played against Wales before their Four Nations campaign and gave a magnificent account of themselves, beating Wales twice to show that on any given day they can be super focused and competitive.

The game was played in a great spirit by both programs with an amazing atmosphere.

Ballers Heaven preseason will see them take on several international programs home and way including the Bahamas, which is sure to set them up for the 2023/24 season in September.