Happy parents, happy coaches, happy players and a championship chip for the Ballers Heaven camp

Coach Porter at Layton Christian Academy said: “Thank you!!!!! Tyrese was the MVP of the tournament and Timmie was First Team All State! They represented you well my friend!!!!”

Tournament MVP Tyrese Lacey’s mother said: “The game last night was epic! Tyrese has had an amazing year since being given the opportunity by Coach Payne at Ballers Heaven, who opened the doors for Tyrese to be able to go to the States and fulfil his dream. I seriously can not describe into words how incredibly proud I am of Tyrese getting his first State Championship and to be named MVP of the tournament. I am the proudest mom in the world. The team played so well together and I am excited for the future and to see how much more Tyrese can achieve. Congratulations LCA.”

The parents of Timmie Olubisi are making these congratulations for a second year running as he won his second State Championship and First Team All State selection in Utah.

They said: “We are super proud of you son. Your basketball has really grown from strength to strength since arriving the states its really amazing to watch how your resilience and skills have developed – most of all winning two State Championships, back-to-back. Big shout out to Coach Porter at LCA for all his support. Also, shout out to Coach Bryce and Coach Payne of Ballers Heaven for exposing you to this opportunity. We are very proud of you Timmie, keep it up son.

Have a flick through for some amazing highlights of the Ballers Heaven alumni. There is more to come, including information on upcoming scouting tours, runs and our coverage of our UK Select Team entering The Great Western Classic.